3 Best Tracking Location with Rice fields view in Bali

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3 Best Tracking Location with Rice fields view in Bali – Cheap Tour in Bali feels incomplete if it does not do a trekking in the natural environment of Bali. Trekking is an exploration is done on foot, usually in the area that there are  no transportation. Uncharted track and has a challenging environments such as hills and mountains. Trekking in Bali will be fun and memorable vacation. Where you can breathe natural air in the countryside as well as witness the distinctive cultural life of society. Of course a special experience that could refresh your mind from daily activities. This trekking activities can spoil your eyes.

With guided by an experienced guide and ready to escourt you to the destination. One of the interesting trekking destination is Mount Batur.  Besides Mount Batur, still many places for trekking activities in Bali. Well, for those of you who want to do this activity, you should first identify some of the conditions of the venue. Than, you are content to enjoy the cool of nature and the beauty of Bali’s with cheap tour in Bali.

Tracking Location with Rice fields view in Bali

Village of Sambangan

If you want to see the scenery of rice fields and lush protected forest, came to the village of Sambangan. Many argue that this village has a varied topography suitable for an adventure in Bali. The north side of the village is an area that is flat, but some areas are relatively steep village. The slope of the slope ranges 40⁰, Sambangan village located between 500 m – 1,020 m above sea level. If some neighboring villages like Village Wanagiri have a height reached 1,350 m above sea level.

Is classified as a village environment and stunning natural brackish. Exactly as a place to enjoy outdoor recreation.
Not only domestic tourists, but foreign travelers also want to see the beautiful natural scenery. In addition to its natural scenery, the village also has a charming waterfall. Not only one, but there are seven waterfalls which have become a major attraction of tourists trekking there. Not surprisingly, when many tourists do not want to miss this attraction when do a cheap tour in Bali.

Luwus Village

Trekking in Bali would be the best trip along the paddy fields in Luwus village.  You will feel walking on red soil while seeing a close atmosphere of farmers who move.  Witnessing the farmers planting, watering or the other will make the heart glad. You can walk on the river bank that is located in the eastern region Luwus farming village.

There are objects are interesting, one of the public baths whose age has reached hundreds of years. There are still wide enough bamboo forest, cocoa and other interesting things. To walk down in any environment in this Luwus village about 1.5 hours. But, if you want more time to enjoy the scenery choose a cheap tour packages in Bali that provides Luwus trekking in the village.

Ubud Village

Ubud is known as the region of interest and there are a variety of uniqueness in several lines journey. When following the trekking activities in Ubud, you will be guided by professional and experienced guide. You will be led across the paddy fields to see the current residents of farming activities. More over, in the country side area you can see how the preservation of native art and culture of Bali.  Not only ballet dance, but also the art of painting, making sculpture and more. Make Ubud as the tour’s destination in Bali with friends and family.


So lets try the 3 Best Tracking Location with Rice fields view in Bali

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