Angel’s Billabong at Nusa Penida Island

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Angel’s Billabong can be said to be the pearl of Nusa Penida Island. The location is very unique and rarely found another place. Angel’s Billabong is actually the mouth of the river adjacent to the high seas. A river that clogged and forming a pool of water like a swiming pool.

The Beauty and stunning scenery makes it included in the package tour to Nusa Penida are not neglected.

To get there you have to do the crossing from Sanur Beach using fast boat to Nusa Penida island. Traveled to this place you can follow the tour packages to Nusa Penida, so it is not confused thinking the way to this to Angel’s Billabong. Because it is an unspoiled place, so access to this attraction is quite difficult. You must be willing to oscillate in the car. But, all of that will pay off when you see the natural scenery of this pool.

From a distance we will heard the roar of the waves hit the cliff. The water inside Angel’s Billabong  look very Tosca green and very different  color with the water in the oceans whic has color blue sky. The scenery is quite unique and appropriate that as the favorite destination for tour packages to Nusa Penida.

From a distance you will see a difference color of water in one place.

This pool has very crystal clear water and surely tempted you to jump in to the water. However, you should be careful because at first you have to go down from the sharp cliff and sharp rocks. Therefore, an Angel’s Billabong flanked in to two cliffs whic is  quite high. If you are lazy to climb down the cliff, just take advantage to take a photo only. From above the cliff and you can see the beautiful photo spot with natural and exotic panorama view of Angel’s Billabong. We recommend you, should follow the instructions from the guide before going down to the pond.

Because, when high tides and large waves, are very risk of drifting marine detachment. So, be vigilant and look at the situation and condition. The natural environment that has not been a lot of development and there has been no comprehensive facilities make Angel’s Billabong inclusive in tour packages to Nusa Penida Island. Angel’s Billabong name is took from the English word, Billabong which means the end of the heaven. Actually natural pond has a lot of branches, but there were some dead end.

One of them which empties into the sea and formed dredged as a pool that has crystal clear water. Now, this place became a destination area and the most attractive tourism spot. Although hidden but a lot of people love to visit this place. Finding the location of a natural pond Angel’s Billabong is not difficult. It is within walking distance of attractions Broken Beach or  Pasih Uwug. You can search by typing the word google map with Angel’s Billabong. It will show you the way. There seems unforgettable journey with fast boat  to Nusa Penida Island. Where you can feel journey while observing the left right of the sea.

Let’s, plan your holidays now and get cheap tour packages to Nusa Penida Island and leading to Angel’s Billabong. Guaranteed you will not regret it and make sure you do your vacation with loved ones …..alright !!

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