Bongkasa Village Set as Tourism Village in Badung

by Bali Mahesa Tour October 24, 2016 Blog

Bongkasa Village Set as Tourism Village in Badung–Have you ever made a visit to Bongkasa Pertiwi tourism village? Rafting lovers or ATV ride adventurers and cycling fans will surely be familiar with this village. Understandably, this beautiful village is chosen as the finish point of rafting adventure taking advantage of the challenging rapids of the Ayung River. Even, more than three rafting companies choose finish point at this village.

Bongkasa Pertiwi village is located in the Abiansemal subdistrict, Badung, which can be reached by car within about 30 minutes from Denpasar. The trip to the village is really fun. On the right and left side of the road, you can still encounter paddy fields and moors remaining to be cultivated traditionally. Houses of local residents remain to look everlasting as they are made in accordance with Balinese geomancy or better known as the Kosala Kosali.

In addition to having a wide and hot mix path, the village with cool environment has friendly community. Foreign travelers are happy to make a visit to this village. On that account, after enjoying the rafting adventure they make their time to stroll around the village and visit traditional houses. Even, some travelers decide to stay at the village.

Secretary of Bongkasa Pertiwi village, I Wayan Matyana, said the village began to be known by travelers due to the presence of rafting activities. Many rafting companies chose this village as their finish point. Not only that, many travelers also enjoyed the village beauty by riding ATV and bike. “Several other travelers also have a promenade to enjoy the atmosphere,” he said.

The presence of various adventure facilities, added Matyana, encouraged local housewives to sell various types of beverages ranging from mineral water, young coconut ice, coffee, snacks to lunch pack. The location was also different, such as at finish point and at the bottom of the cliff near riverbank. “Bongkasa community can interact directly with travelers,” he said.

Such condition also encouraged local communities to realize the Bongkasa village as a tourism village. It was also reinforced by the Decree of Badung Regent establishing a total of 18 tourism villages including the Bongkasa Pertiwi. “Although having been established as tourism village since 2009, the village has actually developed since 2003, so that it already has supporting institutions,” he said.

Some of them, explained Matyana, were tourism awareness group (Pokdarwis) and freelance tour guides. “We will create a path on the edge of the Ayung River to support the tourism village. It is based on consideration that the beauty of the river lies on the cliff with green trees like being in heaven,” he said.

As tourism village, added Matyana, the Bongkasa Pertiwi also offer accommodation such as cottage and private house of local community that could be hired by travelers. Even, there were travelers who contracted a piece of land to establish a private house. “Honestly, our village does not have special characteristic although there is silversmith receiving orders from the art shop owners in Bali,” he concluded

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