Broken Beach / Pasih Uwug Nusa Penida

by Bali Mahesa Tour March 1, 2017 Blog, Nusa Penida

Taking a package tour to Nusa Penida, we have to visit Broken Beach or very well known with name of Pasih Uwug. To get in to this place we have to take Fast Boat to Nusa Penida. When we arrive at Nusa Penida Island than we can start the trip to the Location of Broken Beach / Pasih Uwug, which is the location very close to Andus Beach. At this place you can enjoy the Unique  beauty Panorama of Broken beach / Pasih Uwug.

Though and knowing the name of the beach is already unique ( broken beach / pasih Uwug ).

Which is Pasih meaning : Beach and Uwug Meaning : Broken. Local people called this beach is Pasih Uwug and foreigner called Broken Beach. Called with that name cause the place and the beach look broken and in shambles. This beaches has been well know with cheap tour package to Nusa Penida and cheap tourism destination because there is no entering fee. Although apparently broken, the beach is still extraordinarily beautiful. Where there are reach of cliffs 50-200 meters high. Cliff circular shape and the middle forming holes like caves or tunnels sea. The sea water as if caught in the middle of the cliff that makes it seem a big pond. These cliffs also attractive as a natural bridge to pass.

You will not regret it if holding a package tour to Nusa Penida to visit Pasih Uwug / Broken Beach. The shape of the ridge alone can describe how amazing and unique this place. Panorama of this nature is not necessarily meet again in other places. Pasih Uwug / Broken Beach the natural environment which is still awake, natural and beautiful. The air was very soothing and can make the body feel more healthy. This beach brings serenity and freshness for the visitors who tour packages to Nusa Penida. You will be presented with bluish-green sea complete with pristine green hills. Its clear water it’s make you can watch green turtles, fish and other biota, Manta Rays swim on the ocean.

To get full view, you can see it from the top of the cliff. There will be evident how the actual beauty of Pasih  uwug / broken beach. Judging from the scenery and the environment can be equated with some of beach on the island of Bali such as Dreamland Beach, Uluwatu Beach, Coastal pandawa Beach even Jimbaran Beach and Kuta Beach. However, there was no place for sunbathing, because borders with the cliff.

Most of the tourists who visit will doing activities snorkeling or diving to feel the serenity of the water and enjoy the beauty of the sea, maritime interest to preserve. Pasih Uwug / Broken beach located in Sumpang area at  Bunga Mekar Village, Nusa Penida, Klungkung Region, Bali Indonesia.

For more details, can search through the google map.

Access to Pasih Uwug / Broken Beach can be reached by fast boat to Nusa Penida travel times for 30-45 minutes. If from the port of Padang Bay could use a ferry boat that is available there. After that, traveling by car or motorcycle which take about 2 hours drive.

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