Hiace Features and Completeness

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Hiace Features and Completeness – Hiace is one of the most legendary cars in the country. Toyota Hiace has been circulating in Indonesia since the 1970s and 1990s. Usually it will be found in the design of pickup vehicles for commercial needs and MPV with a capacity of eight people that have the form of a large body.

Well, this type of MPV can be used for travel or tourism purposes. Like Hiace car rental services in Bali or other places. There are many features and completeness of Hiace cars that make it a choice among other commercial cars.

Hiace Features and Completeness

1. Machine

The engine used in this car is the D-4D engine series with a cylinder capacity of 3456. With a cubication capacity that is quite large, which is around 2.5 liters. The fuel system uses a common rail. From the engine is able to provide maximum power reaching 102 ps or 6200 rpm with a maximum torque of 300 nm or 4700 rpm.

2. Suspension

The suspension or legs used in this car are double wishbone for the front suspension while the rear suspension uses the leaf spring riqid axie. Switch to the braking section. The front brake uses a Ventilated Disc system and Leading-Trailing drum rear brakes. From the above, it guarantees that this car has strong performance in all fields, let alone used as a minibus rental car in Bali where the terrain is winding, uphill, down, and so on.

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3. Exterior and Interior

Judging from the specifications of the Toyota Hiace, it is included in the minibus category with a luxury design that is able to display the impression of elegance and luxury.

A large body with a large head lamp is also able to provide maximum illumination at night. Of these two things, it makes this car look authoritative. The impression of luxury radiated more with the chrome-style package design contained in the radiator grille sector and Toyota fog lamp under the head lamp. This makes it look futuristic. The distance between the bumper and the ground is quite high. This will make driving long distances more comfortable.
Seen from the side, you will see a door with a sliding or slider design. The existence of this system greatly facilitates passengers in opening the door, that is, just by sliding it.

The back of the car itself is no less interesting. Equipped with rear lights or large stoplamps arranged vertically with turn-on lights that are fused. There is a chalky chrome luxury emblem on the left side. On the inside of the car itself will be obtained charming facilities such as karaoke facilities, a large enough LCD monitor in the middle cabin. But in this case the front is not able to see it because it is located in the middle. There is also a portable DVD facility. The color of the passenger seat itself is quite comfortable with dop colors. At the top of the cabin there are LED lights that can be turned on at night, so passengers don’t complain dark. In addition, these LED lights can be arranged for lighting or karaoke purposes.

4. Car Load Capacity

Load capacity of the car itself is created from the shape of the body and a spacious cabin that can accommodate up to eleven people. This load capacity that holds many passengers will make it easier for tenants or car owners to travel.

The spacious cabin space makes passengers more comfortable to move freely. Don’t forget the car that is equipped with AC provides extra comfort for passengers.

Judging from the reviews above, it is no wonder that many visitors to tourist attractions, use it as an alternative option to rent Hiace in Bali and elsewhere. Many advantages and benefits if rental minibuses in Bali use this car. Well if you visit Bali with lots of people or groups don’t hesitate to contact us to book Toyota Hiace cars or other cars at Bali Mahesa Tour (www.balimahesatour.com)

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