Holiday on the Kelingking Beach

by Bali Mahesa Tour May 11, 2019 Blog, Nusa Penida

Holiday on the Kelingking Beach  – The beach that you cannot pass when you are on Bali Island is the Kelingking Beach Nusa Penida with exotic beach, your vacation is guaranteed to be interesting. Unlike beaches in general, this one beach has a lot of beauty. To visit it Kelingking beach nusa penida we have Nusa Penida tour package from us Bali Mahesa Tour.
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We offer tour and travel packages that are fun but at affordable prices. For those of you who don’t have much time, we provide the One Day Trip Nusa Penida Tour.Know How Amazing the Kelingking Beach of Nusa Penida

What are you curious about on the famous Kelingking Nusa Penida beach? Check out our article, right? We will explore the hidden beauty on the little beach that you have never heard before. Interesting you know! A big loss if you don’t take the time to taste the beauty of this amazing beach in Bali.

1. Thickened Beach Like a Dinosaur Neck

On the beach that holds this hidden beauty, you can see God’s amazing works. This beach has a unique reef cliffs that are very similar to ancient necks, Tyrannosaurus Rex (T-Rex) dinosaurs jutting into the shoreline. You can only find this kind of cliff in Kelingking Beach.

You must not miss the opportunity to take pictures on this cliff. The results are amazing. You must be very satisfied. The cliff that repairs the dinosaur’s neck is no less beautiful than the cliffs in Raja Ampat, you know. Moreover, the beauty of this cliff is more perfect with the crystal clear sea water like a blue gem.

2. Enjoy a very beautiful diving spot

Well, this is interesting for those of you who like diving, a diving spot called Manta Point. In this spot you can dive under the surface of the sea and watch the beauty of Manta fish. Do you know? Manta is the largest stingray in the world. Wow, cool right? It’s a shame for you to miss.

3. Beach shades that are suitable for removing fatigue

Kelingking Beach has a fresh natural feel. For those of you who don’t really like crowds and crave natural calm, this beach is really your point.

This beautiful beach is far from the noise and hidden from the crowd. You have to go there to feel the sensation that is amazingly calm and peaceful. The stunningly beautiful scenery presented by this beach can be an effective natural therapy for you.

By looking at the beautiful scenery and breathing in the fresh air, your body and mind will be refreshed. Really great, right? Loss, if you don’t go to this diverse, beautiful beach.

4. Exciting Journey Towards Kelingking Beach

The Nusa Penida tour package from the Bali Mahesa Tour and travel tour is ready to accompany you to enjoy the beautiful Kelingking Beach of Nusa Penida which saves a lot of beauty. To get to this beautiful beach, you have to take the sea route.
Have you been impatient, can’t you hurry up to Kelingking Beach? Hurry up and order a tour package from us! You can order it by visiting our website, Bali Mahesa Tour. Satisfied guaranteed and the rates are affordable for you. Enjoy the Holiday on the Kelingking Beach

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