Kasna Flower is a very Beautiful Flower With White Hairy Color.

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Kasna Flower – The beauty of the flower so that some people in Bali make this flower field garden. This park is visited by a number of tourists who are eyeing the beauty of the island of God. How not, there will be impressive moments between you. Not only is Kuta beach beautiful, don’t waste your vacation in Bali without seeing the charming Kasna Bali Flower Garden. There will be many moments you can do there that you can enjoy elsewhere.

Kasna Bali Flower Park

The beauty of the flower garden is no doubt about it. You will see a wide and stunningly wide expanse of white cotton. The white and cotton flowers that are not called Bali edelweiss are highly sought after by tourists. This flower garden is in Temukus Village, Rendang District, Karangasem-Bali is close to the Besakih Temple . To get to this place it takes about 3 hours from Denpasar to go through the countryside. So it is not easy to get to this place. You have to try and just have fun. Well, below are some things you can do and do in kasna flower garden:

Photo Object

The flower garden that is owned by the residents is very wide and beautiful if these eyes are very suitable to be the location of your photos. In addition to dazzling in the eyes when we look at them, it is also like natural beauty that provides freshness. the right moment only comes when the flowers bloom and grow in bloom. So prepare your best photographer to capture moments that only come several times in your life.

Taman Edelweis2


This beautiful flower garden is perfect for your mind from a noisy and polluting city. Not only that, it is tired from work that makes you a little stressed. Here you will get peace of all these problems. The place is beautiful and this place makes you calm and be comfortable there. You will get natural relaxation by being in this kasna flower garden. In addition to kasna flowers you will see a view of the hills and other flower gardens around it. So, you can enjoy more besides the kasna flower garden .

White Like Snow

Kasna flowers are white like snow falling from the sky. The colors are soft when looked at is very interesting and soothing to the heart. At the ends of the flower aka the tone of the dew point that is settled and when touched will slightly wet with freshness. hit when you visit a place that gives a perfect natural impression.

Well, you definitely don’t want to spend a vacation to Kasna flower garden right? Besides the beauty and the right photography, you find an adventure to get to this place. So, don’t leave your vacation. You just enjoy Kuta beach. There is Kasna Bali Flower Garden waiting for visited by you.

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