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Kelingking Beach Nusa Penida – Nusa Penida natural environment unspoiled always been a charm for tourists both local and foreign. Nusa Penida package tour would not be complete if not visit the little finger Beach or Kelingking Beach. The beach is a tourist attraction that has its own charm and amaze anyone who visit there. The Kelingking Beach location even this is often used for photo prewedding.

Kelingking Beach Nusa Penida

It not an easy thing to be able to enjoy the convenience of little finger Beach or Kelingking Beach. Mostly, visitors feel the atmosphere of the beach and watch the beauty of the Kelingking beach from the cliff. This is because to get there you have to pass through the streets of the complex and have to go down a 150-meter cliff. This beach will be a memoreble destination for cheap tour packages to Nusa Penida.

To get to this beach, you have to cross the ocean by fast boat to Nusa Penida from Sanur Beach or Port of Padang Bay. And then heading to the Kelingking Beach. The road to get in to the Kelingking beach are very bed, because the environment is still natural. The road was winding and slightly steep. However, it is quite safe to pass, the road made from hard limestone and not slippery even if it rains. This exotic beach area was first discovered by Tourists from the Czech Republic and Australian in 2003 which was doing a package tour to Nusa Penida. At that time, the coastal environment is still a bush and have not been known as a tourist attraction. The tourists find this beach while doing activities Diving. Tourists saw a very beautiful view of the beach and is suitable as a soothing travel.


If seen from the cliff, Kelingking beach look like a short finger, but it is actually quite spacious and long. Therefore, the width of 80 meters along the Kelingking beach with fine white sand. In the low tide you will see the sights fish in a group, Manta Rays swim around the beach. Meanwhile, if unabated, you can still see the fish and plankton.
We recommend you to do the cheap tour packages to Nusa Penida on July to October to see the beauty of Manta fish and plankton at Kelingking Beach. There also has a Caves Beach Area and have many birds nest. Still are traveler to go down and enjoy nature Nusa Penida pristine and deserted. Therefore, lazy because the road is not perfect and requires a lot of time to travel. Although from the top of the cliff you stoll can see the nature panorama at Kelingking beach , and also will not reduce the impression.

Location Kelingking Beach Nusa Penida

From the cliff, you can feel the cool breeze and listen to the sea waves hit the cliff like a natural beautiful melodies. Spot cool photographs, for that, do not forget to bring a camera or other equipment to capture the moment for your special holiday.

The Kelingking Beach is located at Karang Dawa area, Bunga Mekar Village Nusa Penida. To get to this place from Bali, may use fast Boat from Sanur Beach or also may use a cruise from Port of Padang Bay. And if need transport to get to both place our Bali driver service or private bali driver can drop you off to this palace.


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