Let’s Try the Favorite Snorkeling Spot on Nusa Penida Here

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Snorkeling Spot on Nusa Penida – Nusa Penida is again a byword for traveler lovers, a variety of water games can be enjoyed. One of them is a tourist favorite. You can try snorkeling to enjoy the natural scenery under the sea of ​​Nusa Penida which is very beautiful.

Loh, isn’t it expensive if you play snorkeling? Oops, you go everywhere, now you can play snorkeling to Nusa Penida with a tour and snorkeling package. If you are confused about finding a provider of this tour and snorkeling package, there are those who really recommend it like Balimahesatour.com.

Snorkeling Spot on Nusa Penida Most Interesting

When else can you experience the beauty of the underwater world which is essential if you don’t have a vacation to Nusa Penida Snorkeling. The spots that are there are really beautiful, guaranteed you will feel a different sensation that you certainly won’t find anywhere. Intrigued by interesting spots everywhere?

Cystal Bay

Crystal Bay is one of the most attractive destinations in Nusa Penida. How come you can? Yep, the reason for this one snorkeling spot has two advantages. In addition to having the beauty under the sea cystal Bay also has a view that is no less amazing on the land.

Crystal Bay Beach at Nusa Penida

You can enjoy the vast expanse of white sand. Not only that, the beach is surrounded by green hills that make you stay fresh and feel at home in this place. You can imagine how nice it is, enjoying the green of the trees plus gazing at the beauty of clear sea water.

Guaranteed, if you come here you will feel the calm we have been looking for. To get here is also not easy, you have to pass very long steps. If counted more or less there are about hundreds of stairs that you have to pass.
Don’t need to worry or panic, though, you will be tired of riding hundreds of stairs, but all those feelings will immediately disappear. The scenery presented from above makes you feel calm, cool and mesmerized. So, don’t miss this wonderful moment, use the tour and snorkeling package at a trusted provider.

Gamat Bay

Nusa Penida is indeed the number one spot for exotic tourist spots. It has been proven by the existence of this tourist attraction Gamat Bay. You can enjoy the clarity of sea water in this place, not only that, the sea water is clean and blue makes your eyes cooler when you look at them.

Gamat bay is indeed one of the hidden spots in Nusa Penida. Naturally, if this tourist attraction still looks very beautiful. Many green trees that help enhance the beauty of nature at Gamat Bay.

Snorkeling at Gamat Bay turned out to be very interesting. Lots of coral reefs here. There are also small colorful fish around the reef that further create the beauty of the underwater world.

Wall Point

Another one offered by Nusa Penida for you snorkeling lovers. Wall points become one of the special objects you can go to see the underwater world. Almost the same as other objects here you can enjoy beautiful views of the coral reefs as well as small fish here.

Wall Point is the exotic place for Snorkeling at Nusa Penida

Come Snorkeling To Nusa Penida!

Where else will you find a snorkeling spot that is prettier than this Nusa Penida. Guaranteed to find it really hard to really make the eyes glow in awe of its natural beauty. So don’t have to think too long, let’s come to Nusa Penida and of course along with your Bali Mahesa Tour – Tour and snorkeling package Travel! Happy traveling!

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