Malibu Point Nusa Penida

by Bali Mahesa Tour March 1, 2017 Blog, Nusa Penida

Malibu Point Nusa Penida is a dive spot is no less interesting with Manta Point. Just as other attractions Nusa Penida is still maintained its purity, Malibut Point was like that. Quite often the providers of tour packages to Nusa Penida list it as a diving spot is amazing and should be visited. The layout of this site on the East Coast of Nusa Penida. Vasibility or depth is quite difficult dilewat than diving spots in the North Coast of Nusa Penida.

Therefore, this place is perfect for divers who want a different and memorable experience. Malibu Point is a dive spot complete with white coral, reef gray and silver reef Just imagine it’s very interesting and it’s eager to enjoy the cheap tour packages to Nusa Penida. There you can see the different variants of a beautiful fish such as fish Pari, Shark Reef, Tuna, Rainbow Runner fish and Para Jack. Jackson shark this big eaters echinoderms and place of residence under other invertebrates. Jack in Malibu Point has more than one meter long. Visiblity is good enough at least 20 meters. And there is a large table corals look beautiful as well.

Divers in Malibu central point in the village of Suana. Because the location is attractive and the current supporting the movement of the fish to swim around. Diving in Malibu is fun, especially along steep slopes and large table corals. It will certainly be an unforgettable diving experience and do not forget to capture the moment.

Residents and local fishermen believe that large sharks patrolling in this area keep a temple in Malibu Point. Rather than just thinking and imagining about this cheap tour package to Nusa Penida, would be better to do an immediately plan for your vacation.

Feel how fast boat ride to Nusa Penida and enjoy the beauty of the underwater world of Malibu Point…!!
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