The Beauty of Segening Waterfall Located on the sea side of Nusa Penida Island

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The Segening Waterfall Nusa Penida the most popular and cheaps tour package and day trip to Nusa Penida. Alots people love to come to see the exotic and the beauty of Segening Waterfall. One day tour package to Nusa Penida has lot hiden places to see and most place has their own nature and beauty panoramic. Most people who has been visited Nusa Penida love to come back again and fall in love with the place.  The trangqualty and the beauty under the sea are also part of the reasond most people  repeatedly to Nusa Penida.

Location from the top of Segening Waterfall

Nusa Penida has their own tranquality and the nature and the Segening Waterfall is part of it.  Following location Segening Waterfall is located at Sebuluh and part of Bunha Mekar Village Nusa Penida. Reasonly some people called Sebuluh Waterfall because tooken from the name of the village it self.  It’s  take an hour by car from the center districk of Nusa Penida.  Then walking from Sebuluh Village to Segening Waterfall.

The trekking Adventure to Segening Waterfall

With the package trip to Nusa Penida, your trekk will started from Sebuluh village. This trakking activities not sugested for persons who has pobian of highest.  The trakk line will begun from the street trough small line to get in to the lips of the cliff.  The freshnes of the breeze you can feel after 15 minutes walking and the look out, you will see the view of the blue sea and an exotic high rise of cliff panoramic.

From this line you woun’t see yet the waterfall because the location of the waterfall Saganing is deep down on the cliff. Once you continue step down and climb 300 metters down the cliff then also you can feel the waves crashing against the cliff wall. On this package one day trip to Nusa Penida, you may try your best adrenalin in how you can manage your self climbing down the cliff it will give you best experience ever.  Do not look down the cliff othewys you will feel sucked down and crashing waves, can make your guts shrink.

Soothes the Eye of Nature Panorama Seganing Waterfall.

It’s  would be very much deferent for the real Adventures persons, they will keep continue their trekk, although slippery and steep or whatever obstacles. And although you feel tired but then when you get in to the place where the Seganing Waterfall all is gone and you will feel this package 1 day trip to Nusa Penida is worthy to do.Fatigue lost after being at the fascinating edge of Seganing Nusa Penida Waterfall. Where, as if sheltered by a giant cliff. The water is so clear and so refreshing. Although not Nusa Penida snorkeling tour, but quite satisfactory to play on the water.

Before became a cheap package tour to Nusa Penida,  this place was use to be part of the fishing area for local people. All the line and the step was made by local people them self and mintaning in every time to time.  Watching unended blue sea will give you a special moment, that’s also how the fisher man feel when the doing fishing from this cliff.

Keeping you in safety line, you have to listen the instruction from the local Guide if you on 1 day cheaps package tour to Nuda Penida.

The Pleasureless fishing at Seganing Water Nusa Penida

Location Seganing Waterfall consists of a cluster of coral reefs and small atolls on the front. It was like seeing the sea. Fishing target there are also lot of big fish. So, it is right for you who like fishing than snorkeling in Nusa Penida.  The brownish yellow from the rock-smelling stones, adding to the natural harmony of Seganing Waterfall.

The extremeness you can feel and almost felt when there is a nearly 90⁰ slope.  There is also a Temple called Gunung Cemeng Temple that can add to your cultural knowledge.  The best time to visit Seganing Waterfall is during the summer time because if the rainy season is more slippery.

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