Seminyak, Heaven Shopping and Nightlife in Bali

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Seminyak famous with good restaurants, good shops, excellent health center and relatively quiet beach which is a picture of Seminyak Bali. Yes, life in Seminyak is beautiful. This coastal city of Bali is slightly above legendary Kuta and offers a relaxing alternative to the busy beaches on the southern tip of Bali. Not far from Kuta, you can get there by using our services from with our friendly and experienced driver services at very cheap prices.

Seminyak, Heaven Shopping and Nightlife in Bali

Seminyak is a pleasant destination on the southwest coast of Bali and is known for its luxurious accommodations. This is not the purpose of surfing, but rather because of the variety of shops and vibrant nightlife. Seminyak is not a traditional backpacker destination in Bali, but because of that this place is great for a short visit or as a destination for a day trip.

Attractions in Seminyak Beach


Seminyak has a very beautiful beach, which is not crowded compared to Kuta. You can roll your towel on warm sand or sit on one of the many sunbeds. Along the beach you will find a beautiful resort with an infinity pool and a trendy beach bar. There is a relaxed atmosphere and you can enjoy a beautiful sunset with delicious drinks on hand and live music as a background.

In the evening you can dine on the sand in one of the many romantic restaurants along the water line, to end the day in style at the cozy beach bar. Can travel through Seminyak with a car and driver who are always ready for you when you are on holiday in Bali.

Petitenget Temple

Besides the beach, there is also the Petitenget Temple. This beautiful Balinese temple is located on the seafront and is an important ceremonial place in the Bali region. This temple has been built since the 16th century which aims to protect Bali from evil spirits from the sea. Besides the temple, you can also visit a pleasant spa or fitness center.

Spa Place

Travel can be tiring, even on a relaxing island like Bali. Fortunately it has to do with some healing hands. From relaxing Balinese massage to pedicures, to beauty treatments, entirely in Seminyak. Spas and local health centers are the best in Bali and are known for their luxury and comfort. In this are you will find dozens of spas, each with specialties. Not only that in luxury hotels you also find spa places that can make you relax and take care of yourself immediately.

Seminyak As a Shopping Area

Shopping in Bali is the best, especially in Seminyak which is seen as a shopping center. People from all over the world come to this area to get acquainted with trendy Balinese clothing brands and antiques. From women’s clothing to stylish home accessories, dozens of small designer boutiques, art shops, and kiosks with antiques, you will always find something that suits your style.

The most famous shopping streets are Jalan Raya Seminyak and Jalan Laksmana, but also occasionally see on the side of the road. Whether you intentionally spend a few days in Seminyak or live elsewhere on the island, come to Seminyak to shop for authentic souvenirs and beautiful souvenirs typical of Bali.

Seminyak also has a vibrant nightlife. If you like night crowds and always want to have fun, lets come

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