Taman Ujung karangasem

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Taman Ujung Karangasem is one of Beautiful location will be visit for East Bali Tour. East Bali Tour created By Bali Mahesa Tour for travelar who love to see the eastern part of Bali and may choice a Full day tour package, Car Charter with bali driver or car rental which a bove service are provide at Bali Mahesa Tour.

Below is the story of Taman Ujung:

Taman Ujung Located in Tumbu Village Karangasem Regency, Taman Ujung Water Palace, also known as Taman Sukasada is one of tourism places on the eastern part of Bali. This place is also one of favorite place for pre wedding photo for local and foreign tourists. The spot presents the Balinese ancient kingdom garden as its original.

History of Taman Ujung Water Palace

Taman Ujung was built in 1901 by Karangasem Kingdom I Gusti Bagus Jelantik, with the name of Kolam Dirah (disposal pond) or a pond for disposal of black magic. In 1909 Karangasem Kingdom asked Van Den Hentz, the Holland architect to build a nice place for relaxation. Helped by Balinese architect from Karangasem Royal family, the project was to optimize Kolam Dirah as a beautiful place for relaxing.

What You Can See

Going up stairs and you will see the stunning surroundings. On the southeastern there is blue ocean of Taman Ujung beach. On the eastern emerges the exited architecture of Taman Ujung Water Palace. It is also possible to enjoy the view of Bisbis hill. The blend architecture of Europe and Balinese creates wonderful structuring. But the recent architecture of Taman Ujung Water Palace is not as the original as due to the eruption of Agung Mountain. In year 2000 Karangasem royal family (Puri Karangasem) and the government rebuilt this site without decreasing the original architecture

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