The best beach in Bali that you are missed

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The best beach in Bali that you are missed – Wet sand, hot sun, light breeze, and the waves breaking the coral. Approximately that is the depiction when we are on the beach. Bali is a paradise filled with beautiful beaches, exotic diving destinations, and secret bays with cool waves hunted by surfers. This is no longer a secret, of course. Tourists and tourists from domestic and abroad flock to Bali to feel its beauty.

Including you too, right? So, pack your favorite sunscreen and clothes. Immediately prepare a list of places and beaches that you want to visit in Bali. Oh well, don’t forget before going to the beach you have to add a list of rental cars in Bali to add to your holiday more fun and memorable, please visit our website

Some Worth Visiting Beaches

As many already know, Bali has the best beaches and is worth exploring. Anywhere where?

1. Seminyak Beach

Seminyak Beach is the belle of Bali. To visit this place you can find a car rental agent in Bali.
Along this impressive five-kilometer stretch of sand, you will find lots of beach bars, five-star hotels and the best restaurants in Seminyak, just steps from the water.
This does not include the world-famous beach clubs that extend to each inch. Starting from the outskirts of Kuta, to the corner of Canggu beach.

2. Nusa Dua Beach

Endless stretch of white powder, that’s the right description for Nusa Dua Beach. So perfect, it almost looks like a man made. This location is bordered by the coastline of the Nusa Dua resort area, bordered by manicured lawns and five-star hotels protected by palm trees.

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The beach is not only impeccably clean and the waters are calm. The coastline is full of family-friendly restaurants, a variety of water game rentals, and even a shopping complex. So, this is an ideal destination for a pleasant family vacation. Car rental in Bali can take you and your family to this place.

3. Echo Beach

The location, which was once the destination for a romantic barbecue on the beach, has now become one of the coolest beaches to see and enjoy. Echo Beach has countless surfing destinations. Rent a car in Bali will take you to the most appropriate place to look for waves and surfing.

4. Jimbaran Bay

This long, wide and soft white sand beach is not only famous for its beautiful scenery (sparkling sand stretches for three kilometers), but also as a place where local fishermen sell fresh fish from the net every morning in a crowded market.
As a seafood center in Bali, it is not surprising that you will also find a number of barbecue places scattered along the coastline.

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5. Sanur Beach

In addition to the seemingly endless stretch of white sand, the main attraction of Sanur beach is without a doubt a pedestrian area that stretches for more than five kilometers. This path curves past resorts, beachside cafes, wooden fishing boats that are being repaired, and some elegant old villas built several decades ago by wealthy expatriates who fell under the Bali spell.

A romantic walk with your partner, or exercising on a bicycle with your family is best enjoyed in the morning because Sanur is in a prime position to watch the spectacular sunrise.

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