The Best Isuzu Elf Family Car in Bali

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The Best Isuzu Elf Family Car in Bali – When you have a planning an itinerary to a place, both in Bali and other tourist attractions. Of course the means of transportation is one of the important things to think about and pay attention to. To find transportation for your own vacation in Bali is very easy. Many are available along the way.

Why Isuzu Elf Should Be a Choice to Rent Minibuses in Bali?

From two-wheeled vehicles to minibuses. The choice of minibus is an option when on vacation with a large family with a number of people above eight. Why does it have to be a minibus or Elf as a minibus rental option in Bali?

1. Reliable Capacity and Machine

It’s not just entrepreneurs who acknowledge and like the machines of this elf. Visitors who rent elves in Bali also recognize the performance and reliability of their engines. The capacity of the car is quite large, which is around 8-18 people. The car used was an 2014 elf assembly. In addition, the durability of the car is quite strong, saving fuel, the car cabin is quite spacious, and the price of the treatment itself is not too large. Elf is equipped with air conditioning or AC that can cool the entire cabin of the vehicle to the rear for passenger comfort.

In terms of the selling price of the elf car itself, it is quite cheap compared to other factory elf cars. Therefore rental entrepreneurs are also able to provide rental cheap prices in bali.

2. Elf Minibus Type

There are two types of elf cars, the first are elf long and short elf. What’s the difference? It lies in the number of seats available. If elf long has a seat capacity of up to 17 people. If a short elf has a maximum capacity of 13 people.

That way, when visitors rent a minibus in Bali it will certainly be cheaper compared to other city car cars. The capacity is quite large with a spacious cabin that allows passengers to move freely.

3. Rent an Elf Car in Bali

For the rental price itself is calculated one day. That is 10 hours a day. Included with cars, drivers and fuel without any other costs on the road or ​​passengers must pay for themselves if entering the toll or parking the vehicle.

Bali Car Charter

Where Can You Get This Elf Car?

Many places can be visited to rent this car. One of them is BALI MAHESA TOUR ( which is a vehicle rental service in Bali. Whether it’s the rental of private vehicles or groups.

This car rental is provided already with a driver and fuel, so passengers don’t need to think about it anymore. It’s easier to consider a budget for a vacation with a big family. If the customer rents with a driver, the full responsibility of the vehicle is with the driver.

In addition, the cleanliness and health of the engine performance is well maintained. So that passengers get guaranteed quality holidays and are not constrained on the road. With the many choices available as a means of transportation, customers no longer need to be confused to rent. Because everything will be explained according to the capacity and specifications of the rented vehicle.

Need Car Charter in Bali ?

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