Tips on Making a Cheap Trip to Nusa Penida, Let’s Try it!

by Bali Mahesa Tour April 4, 2019 Blog, Nusa Penida

Tips on Making a Cheap Trip to Nusa Penida – Cheap Trip Nusa Penida – Nusa Penida? See who hasn’t heard of this place. Nusa Penida has recently become one of the most discussed tourist attractions. How come? Nusa Penida presents a panorama that is so beautiful that it dazzles the eyes.

Not only from the local community who came to Nusa Penida, from many foreign countries who flocked to visit this one object. Many interesting spots offered by Nusa Penida so that for anyone who wants to take a trip, Nusa Penida is the right choice.

Tips on Making a Cheap Trip to Nusa Penida

To get to Nusa Penida is certainly not easy, especially if you want a cheap trip to Nusa Penida, of course there are some things that must be prepared. For those of you who want a cheap trip to Nusa Penida, you can take a look at the tips below:

1. Choose the one that offers Holiday Promo Packages

If you want a vacation to Nusa Penida with a budget that is not too big then you can take advantage of when there are vacation promos. However, do not just take the promo, pay attention to the services that are trusted or not. is one of the services that usually offers vacation promo packages.

Holiday promo packages are not always there, for that you have to be diligent in monitoring the website or asking directly to customers regarding holiday promos. Being smart in choosing services that provide holiday promos makes you more profitable. Ordinary if the service is trusted and the best is definitely many other interesting offers. So don’t choose wrong.

2. Make a Clear Travel Agenda

Don’t let you feel confused if you take a trip to Nusa Penida. Unclear travel plans will only make you waste time. Don’t let your time be wasted just because of confusion.

There are so many tourist spots owned by Nusa Penida, you can browse the internet where you will visit such as Kelingking beach, Broken beach, Angel’s Billabong beach, Crystal bay beach, Atuh cliff, Diamond beach, Atuh beach and Teletubies Hills. Choose the hotel and the vehicle you will use so that you can leave immediately.

3. Use a Trusted Tour Guide

The risk if you go to Nusa Penida itself is usually lost on the road. So from the initial intention to save costs, it actually wastes a lot of money. Do not let this happen. To avoid this you can use a reliable tour guide or you can choose a trusted tour service like

By using trusted services, you certainly will not experience getting lost on the road. Nusa Penida is one of the places that is still beautiful so in some places there may not be internet access. If you think that you can go there alone, just relying on Google map, that is an incorrect decision. Using a tour guide is the best choice.

4. Vehicle Rental Adjust to the Number of People

If you want to rent a vehicle, see how many people want to go to Nusa Penida. We recommend that you don’t just go alone but invite family, friends and partners to be crowded. The more people who go to Nusa Penida, the cost of a vehicle or the cost of a tour package will be much cheaper. For the cost of renting a vehicle can be a joint venture so the price can be more economical than going alone or with only a few people.

Well, that’s about the cheap Nusa Penida trip tips. For those of you who want to go to Nusa Penida to be more efficient, you can use the package provided by You can choose a variety of tour packages, as well as complete with hotels, meals and transportation.

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