Tree House Batu Molenteng Nusa Penida

by Bali Mahesa Tour October 6, 2017 Blog, Nusa Penida

The people of Nusa Penida call this tree house the tree house of Batu Molenteng Nusa Penida. Atuh Beach Area, Nusa Penida Island in addition to having underwater beauty and beach, also has a beautiful view from the top of the tree house. From the top of Batu Molenteng tree house, the visitors can see the scenery is charming and amazing. The waves that hit small islands, ocean beds, high rising cliffs, and the arrangement of the hills look so beautiful.

The Enchantment of the Tree Tree of Batu Molenteng Nusa Penida

Many visitors say that this place has a beautiful panorama similar to Raja Ampat in Papua. Therefore, in addition to seeing the stunning scenery, this place is often used as a place to take self-portraits and take pictures to be shared on the social media of visitors who will come.

Batu Molenteng Nusa Penida is located at the altitude facing directly to Atuh Beach. This is the location that makes Batu Molenteng tree house has an attraction for tourists to visit. The existence of this location is somewhat extreme and challenging, ie on a tree that is not so large but has many branches and has been felled so that only a few leaves remain. There is a neat wooden staircase and a rope as a handle to make it easier for visitors to enter the tree house.

Locations and How to Achieve a Tree Tree House of the Molenteng

The tree house is located around Atuh Beach. Precisely in Banjar Pelilit, Village Tanglad, Nusa Penida, Bali. From Buyuk Buyuk, it takes about 1 hour to go to this tree house, and has the same route with Atuh Beach. To reach the Batu Molenteng tree house in Atuh Beach area, you have to trek around 15 minutes from the parking lot by passing the road and walk down a simple staircase consisting of soil and limestone.So lets visit Tree House Batu Molenteng Nusa Penida.

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