Tree of Love Dead Nusa Penida

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Tree of Love Dead Nusa Penida is one of the list of cheap tour packages Nusa Penida that attract many tourists. It is located in Nusa Penida Kelingking Beach area. The tree of love is actually ordinary, but the scene that confronts it is very interesting. If you do not like the activities of snorkeling Nusa Penida, witnessing the pure natural beauty is the right thing. Where the peace of the heart will be obtained and the mind is refreshed.

Although the old tree, but this dead love tree is still standing firm and can contain one or two people. The tree overlooks the vastness of the blue and beautiful ocean. This object is often used in Nusa Penida 1 day tour package with beautifull view Kelingking beach. For those of you who want to visit and feel how to see the beauty of nature by sitting on the branches of the tree of love, first know the picture!

Landscape Around the Tree of Love Dead Nusa Penida

Under the tree of Nusa Penida Love this area is filled with green grass. So, after tired of the journey to the object of cheap tour package Nusa Penida, you can sit in the grass at the same time taking pictures with a height setting. After that, maybe you can test the adrenalin by climbing the Love Tree in order to see how the blue ocean, blue clouds and cliffs that exist in the middle of the ocean.

Somehow called the Tree of Love, when in fact this tree is rotten, it is not overgrown with trees and do not have many branches. It’s just that tree has a twig that curved to the left. Well, that’s where the tourists who hold a 1-day tour of Nusa Penida perch and enjoy the relax moment. In addition to sitting, they also used to take photos of the natural beauty around the pinky beach.

It’s a bit cringe at first, but you do not have to bother climbing it. Therefore, there is already a ladder provided by the manager to make it easier for tourists to climb it. Of course the activity is not less interesting than snorkeling Nusa Penida is not it? If you want more there are many activities you can do when following cheap tour packages Nusa Penida in addition to snorkeling. Among them like trekking, swimming in the pool of springs and soon.


Kelingking Beach Nusa Penida

Suwehan Beach Nusa Penida – Volcom Beach Bali

Crystal Bay Beach at Nusa Penida

The Perceived Thing As Perched in the Tree of Love

If you want more challenging, you can climb the Nusa Penida’s Dead Love Tree. But, if you do not want that hard with a ladder only. After sitting on a twig, will be seen the amazing natural panorama. The wide blue sea blends in with the blue sky. The scene is really pamper eyes that usually see papers and computers. From a distance, you can also see the nature of Banah Beach.

Do not miss it to take pictures from various angles. Capture all of this amazing activity with the best camera. Maybe it’s better to come in the afternoon because it’s not too hot. Make you comfortable to be there.

Tree of Love Dead Nusa Penida is located near the parking area of ​​Kelingking Beach. To shorten the time, better make it as Nusa Penida 1 day tour with Kelingking Beach. The exact location is in Flowers bloom, Nusa Penida, Klungkung, Bali. The trip there is very fun and of course still looks green trees nan beautiful. For those of you who want a tour of Penida nusa snorkeling or one day trip packages to nusa penida and other tour can make with as the best tour guide.

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